With a robust four-year background in game development, our studio specializes in crafting immersive 3D art. Leveraging tools like Adobe Substance Designer, Mari and Fusion 360, along with various other programs, we elevate realism and expressiveness. Our portfolio spans from intricate fantasy creatures to cutting-edge cyborgs and mechas, encompassing detailed characters and diverse vehicles, ranging from heavily armored tanks to sleek racing cars and helicopters, tailored for post-apocalyptic scenarios. Proficient in both high and low poly models, coupled with expertise in Unreal Engine 5, PBR texturing, and advanced 3D modeling, we are your ideal outsourcing partner for ambitious projects.



Discover the perfect fusion of realism and fantasy in our 3D character design. We'll help you find the perfect match for your project. Step into our imaginative realm, where each picture tells the story of our expertise in creating diverse and compelling characters.


We specialize in crafting 2D and 3D concepts, showcasing our prowess in both gamedev and cinematic art. Armed with a potent blend of strong anatomical knowledge, imaginative skills, and impeccable taste, we create assets propelling your game to new levels of excellence


Experience the pinnacle of gamedev with our comprehensive services. From formidable tanks to sleek cars navigating virtual terrains, we specialize in crafting detailed vehicles. Immerse players in a world where every vehicle designed for optimal in-game performance.


Forge your gaming realm with our diverse arsenal of weapons, ranging from fantasy blades to realistic firearms and sci-fi armaments. Immerse players in epic battles using meticulously crafted cold weapons that evoke the essence of ancient warfare. Our 3D models ensure unparalleled visual authenticity, enhancing the gaming experience.


Explore the pinnacle of virtual automotive design as we meticulously craft both interiors and exteriors of 3D cars. From the luxurious ambiance of high-end cabins to the sleek contours of external surfaces, our expertise ensures a comprehensive and immersive experience.


We specialize in crafting immersive in-game experiences through meticulously designed props, vehicles, artifacts, and magic items. Our expertise extends to creating detailed 3D models that seamlessly integrate into the gaming environment, enhancing visual appeal and storytelling.

Hair & Fur

Crafting intricate 3D hairstyles, we employ advanced techniques such as Ornatrix, utilizing a splines pipeline to achieve unparalleled precision. Every strand is meticulously designed, ensuring lifelike and dynamic hairstyles that elevate virtual characters.


Immerse players in the captivating world of aviation with our expertly crafted 3D aircraft models. From the intricate details of cockpit layouts to the aerodynamic precision of external structures, our designs bring authenticity to virtual flight experiences. Step inside aircraft interiors, where every switch and instrument contributes to a realistic simulation.

3D printings

We create original figures for 3D printing. In creating sculptures we use incredible poses close to classical fine art. We can create model of any size and complexity level. With meticulous design, every piece is carefully crafted adding charm and authenticity.